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Discrimination and Disparity: Relentlessly Persisting

November 25, 2017-February 28, 2018

Living in a sociopolitical climate that seems to thrive on inequality makes the very real and disruptive experiences of racial disparity inescapable. Worldwide, individuals and groups must navigate this disparity in both their private and public lives. This exhibition explores the processes of internalizing and resisting the “minority” status that is assigned on the basis of skin color and race. The works in this exhibition include contemporary Floridian artists’ creative responses to racial inequality, paired with historic materials. Both of which address the reality that the struggle for justice is an ongoing conversation. The parallels drawn between these contemporary and historic contexts reflect the pervasiveness of racial disparity and attempts to answer the question of what it means to “function” under such intense societal pressure.


How have I missed this exhibit? Once again, a hidden gem in the middle of Delray Beach. Will be sharing with others and as usual promoting membership in the Spady Museum.

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