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Don’t Miss This! Every month is Black History Month

Every month is Black History Month

@TheSpady, February is just another month to celebrate all things African-, Caribbean- and Haitian-American. We are simply inviting more people to the party. For Black History Month, we will see the close of the popular comic book exhibit, Eroica, on Feb. 29, and the second part of the interactive book reading club, Kindred, on Feb. 15, at Tate’s Comics Toys and More in Fort Lauderdale.
Also, in February, we will have our first ColorFest, a festival that celebrates the black comic book experience with cosplay, food trucks, crafts and games, panels and seminars and face painting. Our first ColorFest will feature special guest speaker Arielle Johnson, owner and founder of Amalgam Comics & Coffee in Philadelphia. Johnson uses her shop to showcase and promote works that are created by and that feature people of color, people of different faiths, women and the LGBTQ community.
February also introduces a new Ankara Sewing Circle, courtesy of Kianga Jinaki, who will slow-walk newbies and encourage experts to create beautiful tapestries that tell a story. The Circle will meet every third Saturday in the Williams Cottage; the monthly fee is $25.
And finally, Black History Month will mark preparations for our newest exhibit about the Spady Museum’s 20-year influence, “UNSUNG No More: Celebrating Black Women Leaders.” More details to come on this show in March. We could say this is a special month; but for those who know us, it’s just like every other month. This is what we do!


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