22 Nov
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In the Village:

Reading to the most openhearted and honest people on the planet

As executive director of the hardest working small museum in town, I am forever grateful for the work I am permitted to do in the advancement of preservation and education. But Delray Reads Day is one of the activities that I absolutely relish. I do it because I want to. I get to hang out with the most honest and openhearted people on the planet. Its like a soothing balm that cools and heals the soul. After making sure the children heard what the S and D stand for in the name of their school, and a little bit about the man their school is named for, we read a story that is all about sharing and the resulting positive outcomes. We also talked about verbs, what they are and how to demonstrate them. We blew through our time limit because we talked a lot. Time to talk is important too. At the end, the children presented me with the beautifully crafted thank you card they made and I proudly display in my office. Ahhh. That’s good stuff. Thank you Mrs. Dormelus for loaning me your 1st Grade class for 30 minutes. #productivityspike
The book we read today:  Thank You, Omu! by Oge Mora

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