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Sankofa: Collecting the Past for Future Audiences

Sankofa: Collecting the Past for Future Audiences – We Are Digitizing Our Collections

Museum work is multi-faceted and makes room for several professional trajectories. Curatorial work is a profession that can be reached from several pathways including education, museum studies, even hobbies. No matter how you get there, you can be sure your visitors want to see what you have in your collections. To that end, the Spady Museum is embarking on a journey to digitize our collections, so that we can easily share them with you. We also want to be a resource for you to help you preserve your precious items for the future. We will fill you in on the details as they unfold, but wish us luck as we seek partners for this important project. Read more about curatorial work in this detailed article published by the American Alliance of Museums: https://www.aam-us.org/2020/01/08/curators-take-flight-four-curators-cast-a-wide-eye-on-the-shifting-landscape-for-curatorial-practice/




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