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Sankofa: Ocoee, Florida

When Mose Norman, a prosperous African American farmer who had been leader of an energetic effort to register Black voters, showed up at the polls to vote that day, he was turned away, but assured by a judge that he was within his rights, he returned, reportedly with a shotgun, only to be driven off again, but this time with a racist mob in pursuit of him, eventually attacking the home of his friend July Perry, another successful landowner who also helped to register voters, whom they would later capture and lynch after he defended his home with gunfire, wounding one and killing two of the intruders..

His lynching would begin an all-out assault on the Black community of northern Ocoee, in which 30-50 were estimated to have been killed as all were forced to flee, taking refuge in surrounding woods while their homes, churches, schools and property were burned to the ground, some with people inside.

written by Dinizulu Gene Tinnie


Ocoee Massacre | Official Trailer by WFTV Channel 9

Video Produced from “Ocoee On Fire: The 1920 Election Day Massacre” written by Jason Byrne



The Ocoee Massacre: A Documentary Film

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