Culture, History & Arts Filled Summer

The Spady Museum’s Youth Cultural Empowerment Camp (YCEC) encourages area youth to learn about their culture and history while expressing themselves through various elements of arts and technology this summer.  Looking for the usual pool, zoo and park experiences this summer? Then this is not the camp for you!

The YCEC is a six-week intensive program that focuses on building self-esteem, cultural identity and social and civic responsibility in youth. The schedule will feature teaching artists, who will share how to create meals, install an exhibit and quilt – while imparting lessons of historical importance to the next generation. The YCEC will provide youth with an arts and cultural heritage immersion program in Palm Beach County.

For more information or to get signed up contact us here

Tue, Wed, & Thus @ 9 am | Jun 26 – Aug 2
Spady Museum
Summer Camp Registration Fee – $50

“We are trying to create a time and place for children to learn things they would only get from their elders. Everyone should know about their heritage, how their grandparents and great-grandparents communicated, built and shared. Our camp was designed to be different, something young people could only get from the Spady Museum.” Tonya Akins, Youth Coordinator