Culture, History & Arts

The Spady Museum’s Youth Cultural Empowerment program encourages area youth to learn about their culture and history while expressing themselves through various elements of arts and technology this summer.  Looking for the usual pool, zoo and park experiences this summer? Then this is not the program for you!

The program focuses on building self-esteem, cultural identity and social and civic responsibility in youth. The schedule will feature teaching artists, who will share how to create meals, install an exhibit and quilt – while imparting lessons of historical importance to the next generation. The empowerment program will provide youth with an arts and cultural heritage immersion program in Palm Beach County.

Progress Summary Report January 2020-May 2020

The History of Technology Class was a great success.  The primary focus of the class was to give the kids a broader view of technology by teaching them about technological devices, software or general technical breakthroughs that has changed the way in which we do things. Although we discussed the Abacus, we started from the industrial revolution and came to the present. The reason for approaching the class in this manner, was to have them look to the past, present and be able to understand the trajectory and possibly predict where the future of technology was taking us.

Here is a breakdown of some of the topics we discussed & small projects

∎Logos, Creative Branding and Apps

∎Technology apps, 5G, smart home ioT devices

∎Sociological effects of technology

∎Founders of certain companies and discussed the problem they were solving

∎How technology is sometime socially disabling

∎Zoom, Skype, remote work & school

Throughout the sessions, the facilitator continually taught important life skills related to their learning experience.  The students learned about effective communication, conflict resolution and decision making and these critical life skills were important in the development of the great technology inventions and their implementation.

(Click the image to the right to view one of the Powerpoint Presentations created by our youth presenting a new product idea.)

“Knowledge of self and practical skills are the building blocks for a well rounded individual. Our program is designed to strengthen self esteem  and educate.” Charlene Farrington, Executive Director.